Formerly a green chemist, I now engage in trans-disciplinary research on a variety of sustainability and governance topics. Systems thinking and practice provides a useful way of researching complex, or ‘wicked’, situations. I am particularly interested in the role of learning processes in achieving more sustainable governance of natural resources in a climate change world.

I have made the shift from biophysical to more of a social science approach by working with more experienced colleagues, muddling through, reading and by experimenting with various theoretical and methodological frameworks. It has been an interesting journey and I’d like to support others making the same transition.


Photo taken by Dougo

Some books that have strongly influenced me include Schön (1983) The Reflective Practitioner; Senge (1990) The Fifth Discipline; Wenger (1998) Communities of Practice; Krippendorff (2006) The semantic turn: a new foundation for design; Lakoff and Johnson (1980) Metaphors we live by; and Ison (2010) Systems Practice: How to act in a climate change world.

I have a keen interest in workshop design and facilitation. My workshops maximise group interaction and minimise being ‘spoken at’. I aim for a variety of perspectives in the room and take participants through divergent and convergent phases of conversation.

I am a Fellow of the Peter Cullen Trust (2010) and currently employed as a Research Fellow at the Monash Sustainability Institute, Monash University.

A full list of my publications can be found on my researcher profile.


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